Custom & Original Watercolors by  Delton Gerdes

Unique Art of Anybody, Anything, Event, Place
or Time that is special to you or someone else!!

Great for:  Christmas - Birthdays – Anniversaries - Weddings -
Mother’s/Father’s Day - Vacations - A Newborn gift - Etc... 

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A Special Offer for You ....  

For a limited time, I am offering those interested in a custom watercolor 
a 4x6 watercolor  for $75   of your choice (single subject, value $125).  This  will give you an opportunity to see my painting style working from your provided photo.  It is my hope that then you will start a commission. but it is not required.  I want to give you confidence that your artwork will be satisfactory. This would give you a small art that you could gift or share with someone, while you have the larger artwork.

Pets & Animals 
Hunt / Fish
Sea Life
Baby Room
[email protected]

Katy, Texas

 4x6 sample
 16x8 custom watercolor