Custom & Original Watercolors by  Delton Gerdes

Unique Art of Anybody, Anything, Event, Place
or Time that is special to you or someone else!!

Great for:  Christmas - Birthdays – Anniversaries - Weddings -
Mother’s/Father’s Day - Vacations - A Newborn gift - Etc... 

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Pricing  (the most common sizes)       

5x7        single subject  ……………  $175                 8x10      single subject ……………   $275              11x14    single subject  …………...   $375 
14x18    single subject  …………...   $525              
16x20    single subject  ……………  $675                                                                                           
Second subject $35, the 3rd, 4th subject, $25 each.    
Mat & Frame ready-made available (est $45-75). 
Larger and different sizes available / call to discuss. 
Pricing subject to change.

* All artwork and photo scans remain the intellectual property of Delton Gerdes for reproductive rights. I have the right to use the artwork and all reference pictures in any marketing efforts. I promise that your artwork, photos and reference materials will always be properly and accurately represented.

Your referrals of my site and artwork are very much appreciated, and I thank you in advance for sharing my art/website with your family, friends and co-workers.
The Process 

My style is a little more stylized and loose in appearance than most traditional methods. I feel this gives a more artistic touch and has a fresh look and not over-worked. My goal is to capture an image that will make you smile everyday.
Be sure -- Please review my samples carefully to see how I work from the original photos. This will give you an idea of what to expect as far as the style, detail, coloring and quality. If you have any concerns, please do not place a commission. Once work is begun your down payment is non-refundable. This is why the review / approval process is so important.

I always start with a pencil image base and I try to capture a likeness   and a sense of personality. Remember, this is art and not photo reproduction.                                  

The materials -  I work on very heavy acid-free illustration board with professional watercolor paints.  I apply a base medium that allows me to continually work the surface and change features not ordinarily done with traditional watercolor techniques. On final approval from you, I apply a UV fixative that waterproofs, seals and helps protect your art. Be sure your art is out of direct sunlight or flourescent light.

To start - Email me your photos (The more the better).  Indicate your favorite pic and any details  that show better in other photos.  I can combine images, background, change colors, etc.  If needed,  I can do a simple line sketch for your approval of the composition.  Mail me half down to get started.  My painting schedule is usually 6-8 weeks ….     call me  if art is needed sooner for a special event.  I will always strive to deliver as needed.  When finished,  I will scan & email you a photo of your art for your approval.  Small changes are usually no costs.  Balance due upon approved art.


Your photos to work from

My sketch to show you composition and likeness

Finished Watercolor  - click to enlarge
Your Photos - If you will be taking pictures to send me, try to take outside with slightly overcast day - being ideal. Indoor flash photos are the hardest to work from, but sometimes those are all you have and usually OK.  I can usually compensate for harsh shadows or an older fuzzy photo.  Simply email all  your photos.....
[email protected]
TEL 832-605-8718

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Your Photo - click to enlarge

Your Art - click to enlarge

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